Caroline Olson | A. James Clark School of Engineering, University of Maryland

                    Caroline Olson

                    Class of 2021
                    Major: Bioengineering
                    Hometown: Eldersburg, MD
                    High School: Liberty High School

                    What Made You Decide to Attend UMD?
                    I'm really interested in biotechnology, and UMD's bioengineering program offers more classes dealing with biotechnology and therapeutics engineering than most similar programs. It's also close to home, so I can visit whenever I need to.

                    Best Experience with a Class or Project
                    My favorite project was during BIOE120, Biology for Engineers. We chose a protein, modeled it, and researched bioengineering uses for that protein. It was awesome to see how the knowledge we had gained in the class could be applied to bioengineering in the real world, and it got me really excited about bioengineering.

                    Favorite Class
                    BIOE120: Biology for Engineers

                    Involvements/Extracurricular Activities
                    I'm a member of both the Mighty Sound of Maryland Marching Band and the Maryland Pep Band, and I absolutely love them. I've made so many close friends through band programs and supporting UMD sports is always fun!

                    Favorite On-Campus Event
                    My favorite on campus events are basketball games. I'm a member of the pep band and I love playing and cheering on the team!

                    Research/Study Abroad Experience
                    I start research this semester in a kinesiology lab that is partnering with a bioengineering professor to investigate cells that stimulate blood vessel formation and how they communicate with other cells! I also plan to study abroad in Denmark during the spring of my junior year.

                    Cool Engineering Experience
                    While I was taking ENES100, Intro to Engineering Design, I was in charge of the programming for our vehicle, even though I had no coding experience whatsoever. When our vehicle first successfully completed its task in a practice run, it was amazing knowing that I had written the code to make it do that.