Priscilla Lee | A. James Clark School of Engineering, University of Maryland

                    Priscilla Lee

                    Class of 2021
                    Major: Bioengineering
                    Hometown: Abingdon, MD
                    High School: Aberdeen High School

                    What Made You Decide to Attend UMD?
                    I decided to attend UMD for the highly ranked engineering programs and the opportunities that came with the Clark School. Specifically, I was very interested in being involved with the women-in-engineering programs and clubs. I was also attracted to the fact that UMD's location was ideal, being really close to Washington D.C.

                    Best Experience with a Class or Project
                    My best experience with a project was in ENES100, which was my first engineering class I took at the UMD. My team's mission was to design and construct an over the sand vehicle that could navigate to a randomized site with lit candles and detect and extinguish the flames. My teammates and I worked really well together and our OSV even made it to the ENES100 showcase at the end of the semester!

                    Favorite Class
                    BIOE121: Biology for Engineers Laboratory

                    Involvements/Extracurricular Activities
                    I am involed in Alpha Omega Epsilon and QUEST. Favorite On-Campus Event My favorite on-campus event is Maryland Day.?My favorite research experience has been working in an Engineering Biosensors laboratory. I was able to work on multiple projects, focusing on biosensor design and aptamer selection on various proteins.

                    Cool Engineering Experience
                    In my BIOE121 course, my team and I designed a project testing the affect of milk on mammalian cell cultures. After planning the experience, we got to collect results and do a poster presentation!