Samantha Arenberg | A. James Clark School of Engineering, University of Maryland

                    Samantha Arenberg

                    Class of 2020
                    Major: Civil and Environmental Engineering
                    Hometown: Fulton, MD
                    High School: Glenelg High School

                    What Made You Decide to Attend UMD?
                    Maryland is not just a good engineering school, it is a well rounded school in all of its academics. This would have given me flexibility if I changed my mind and decided to try something else instead of engineering or just explore other topics in GenEds and electives. Also, it is the best in state school. One thing I learned when picking a college is that you can always make a big school smaller, but you cannot make a small school bigger. By selecting this school, I could always make more small groups within the University.

                    Best Experience with a Class or Project
                    My best experience with a project was successfully completing the lengthy ENCE300 lab reports as a team.

                    Favorite Class
                    ENCE215 Engineering for Sustainability

                    Involvements/Extracurricular Activities
                    Definitely intermural sports. My team won in our league for co-ed flag football Fall 2018 .

                    Favorite On-Campus Event
                    My favorite on-campus event was Suit Up and Be Civil. The professional civil engineering networking and dinner event. Research/Study Abroad Experience I studied sustainable infrastructure in Athens, Greece. We had to complete a project of making a city square more sustainable using our civil engineering studies.

                    Cool Engineering Experience
                    Getting my past two internships (with Forrester Construction and now ExxonMobil) from engineering career fairs.