Getting Started | A. James Clark School of Engineering, University of Maryland

                    Get Organized

                    • Create or update your resume.? Attend our Resume Writing workshop or review our Resume Writing handout for advice.
                    • Bring your resume to our office for a critique and gain access to your Careers4Engineers account.? We are available 8:30am - 4:30pm, Monday - Friday, and we are located in 1131 GL Martin Hall.
                    • Login to?Careers4Engineers, complete your profile, and upload your resume.
                    • Read your email every day.
                    • Career Engineer is a weekly e-newsletter generated by Engineering Career Services that summarizes all career-related events & deadlines.? Keep your eyes peeled for "Career Engineer" in your inbox.
                    • Keep a calendar that includes career events and academic obligations.
                    • Keep track of job descriptions & applications, company contacts, interview dates, and any helpful notes about the process.

                    Develop Professional Skills

                    • Attend workshops on the following topics, Find an Internship/Co-op, Resume Writing, Career Fair Prep, Cover Letters, Interviewing, Evaluating Job Offers, and many more.
                    • Practice your interview skills using InterviewSteam and sign-up for a mock interview in our office.
                    • Check your wardrobe for proper interview attire.
                    • Increase your employability by participating in campus research, competitions, student societies, and more.

                    Explore Opportunities in Your Profession

                    • Apply for job listings through Careers4Engineers.
                    • Learn about employers at information sessions.
                    • Attend UMD Career Fairs to meet potential employers and build contacts.
                    • If possible, attend the national SWE, NSBE, and SHPE conferences.? Their career fairs have hundreds of?employers attending each year.? Check with the student branches of these organizations to learn more.?
                    • Identify your top 20 employers and check those websites regularly.
                    • Set-up a search agent in and other job boards.

                    Build Your Professional Network

                    And, once you accept a position,?let us know! Stop by our office so we can congratulate you or send a quick email to?

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